Hot Plumbing Trends – Dual Flush


Dual flush toilets handle solid and liquid waste differently from standard American style toilets, giving the user a choice of flushes.

It’s an interactive toilet design that helps conserve water that has caught on quickly in countries where water is in short supply, like Australia, and in areas where water supply and treatment facilities are older or overtaxed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that by the year 2013, an estimated 36 states will experience water shortages as a result of increased water usage and inefficient water management from aging regional infrastructures.

American Standard Studio Dual-Flush Toilet

High-performance dual flush toilets are part of the latest wave of innovations in green plumbing. American Standard’s Studio dual-flush model is equipped with two settings: the standard 1.6 gallons per flush or a reduced 1.1 gallons per flush (which equates to about 20 percent less water, enough to meet EPA WaterSense guidelines). PowerWash scouring technology scrubs the bowl with every use. About $540


The Australians are credited with leading the way in the development of dual flush technology. In 1980, Bruce Thompson of Caroma Industries created the first two-button flushing system, a convenient method of manually selecting the water volume of each flush — a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste — with the push of a button [source: Biotechnology Innovations]. Necessity was the driving force for the change. Traditional toilets used lots of water, a commodity that was in short supply on a continent that has erratic rainfall and experiences frequent and prolonged droughts.




Winter Plumbing and Water Tips

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2013  CHI-BERIA  rocked  Chicagoland!

When temperatures drop to freezing lows, plumbing problems are very common.  There are many things that homeowners/condo-owners can do to prevent these problems that have the potential to cause severe damage to your home or unit.

Garden hoses can cause major damage if not disconnected. During winter, if a garden hose is left connected, ice will form and pressure will build up in the water lines inside your home.  Once this occurs, a water line leak or break is common.  This can cause severe damage to the home. Disconnect garden hoses and drain outdoor pipes to prevent damage during the winter.

After disconnecting hoses, you should install an exterior, insulated faucet jacket.  This will protect your outdoor faucets, as well as the connecting lines running into the home, from freezing temperatures.

Also, be sure to utilize the shut-off valves located inside your home to drain water from pipes leading to outdoor hose bibs.  These valves can typically be found under sinks, in crawl spaces or basements, near your water heater or your meter, but every home is different and some homes may not be equipped with these valves.

Circulating warm air helps keep pipes in the walls from freezing. Keep your house temperature above 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing and open cabinet doors under sinks and faucets and near exterior walls to help circulate warm air and keep pipes warmer.  55  is also  good  for basement temps.

 Be sure that snow is not restricting your water drainage. Watch the area around your sump pump discharge line used to avoid flooding indoors, as this line drains from a basement to an outside area.  If the drainage area is blocked by snow or flowing into a puddle, freezing could occur as well as water backing-up into the house.   




Basement Flooding and Overhead Drains in Chicago

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Flash flooding has become commonplace in the Chicago area in the last couple years, and that means wet basements.

Those “100  year rain storms”  are happening every year!

Despite Deep Tunnel, the $4 billion project to collect storm runoff, flooding has become a major problem in Illinois. That’s due to the type and frequency of the storms here, says Kevin Hebert, rain garden consultant, stormwater storage specialist and owner of Kevin’s Rain Gardens. Until a few years ago, 90 percent of storms in Illinois produced less than 1 inch of rain, but there has been an increase in the occurrence of 2- to 3-inch rainstorms in the past couple of years, Mr. Hebert says, citing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which he compiled.

“We could handle those storms if it was spreading out over two or three hours, but it’s happening over one hour,” he says.

Many municipalities have 40- to 50-year-old systems to handle the rainwater. Mr. Hebert says.

Some areas of Chicago offer  “The Overhead Sewer Program”.  It was established to provide financial assistance to homeowners who desire to protect their home from flooding during a heavy rain event. Eligible homeowners may qualify for a 50% cost sharing, up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for installing an overhead sewer system which can protect their basements from sewer back-up.
Some “modified” overhead sewer designs may also qualify.

We deal with wet and flooded  basements all the time.Our Flood Control Systems Are Second To None!


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In addition to accepting cash, check and credit cards, Goode Plumbing, LLC offers financing for large projects. Ask us how you might qualify today! AMERICAN EXPRESS ACCEPTED AS WELL AS THE CARDS LISTED ABOVE.

Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater


We offer Rinnai tankless water heaters,  Eternal Hybrid water heaters, A.O. Smith Vertex water condensing water heaters, and Bradford White storage water heaters.

There are a number of alternatives to large, inefficient units that can save you money, give you more floor space, and cause less damage to the earth.

Call us before rushing out to replace your existing unit.

We back our water heaters up with a labor warranty that matches the parts warranty!

Warranties vary from 6 to 20 years depending on the model and use.

Rinnai is actually the Number One best selling tankless water heater in the US. 

 Ask us about water heater maintenance. It’s often overlooked, but should be done every two years in the Chicago area, and once a year if you are in a “hard water” area or using a water softener. Regular maintenance will greatly increase the life of your water heater and allow it to operate much more efficiently.

Goode Plumbing Chicago

Goode Plumbing of Chicago – About Us

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In the beginning, Goode Plumbing started out using a Volkswagen Microbus and a handful of tools. Since that time, we have grown the business while still maintaining our original philosophy of providing  the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

We truly want you to be thrilled (well, as thrilled as one can be with a plumber in their home) with our service. We care about your home, we care that you feel you received good value. We want you to wave to us when you see one of our plumbing technicians in public.

We back up our claim of being great by sending professional plumbing technicians to your house, who will put on shoe covers before entering and give you an honest solution to your plumbing problems and a price up front whenever possible. And we will sell and install only excellent quality parts, products and materials. We don’t give you the legally required one year warranty-we give you a MINIMUM two year warranty that covers parts AND labor.

Our water heaters come with a LABOR as well as  parts warranty from 6 to 20 years depending on model and use in residential applications. And something should not fall apart because we put it together poorly. So we back our workmanship up for life against defects.  I don’t know of any other plumbing service companies doing that!



At Goode Plumbing, LLC, we are continuously working to make our company more ecologically friendly. Goode Plumbing has available, and encourages clients to ask about our high efficiency water heaters, on-demand water heaters, on-demand water faucets and dual flush toilets. We  use low VOX chemicals, including PVC cement and primer. We recycle all cardboard and plastic packaging and all metals. And, our Sprinter diesel vans and restored Volkswagen Vans (modified with emissions controls!) average 20-25 mpg vs. the typical plumbing truck which averages 8-12 mpg. We will continue to make changes to our company that aid in the protection and preservation of the environment. We recycle our waste metals, cardboard and plastic packaging.

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Michael J. Goode, Owner

Licensed plumber

with 22 years of experience.

  • All our technicians are experienced professionals who truly care about your home.
  • They go through pre-screenings, take a formal knowledge exam and complete drug tests and background checks upon hire.
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Goode Plumbing Chicago SERVICES

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Goode Plumbing LLC doesn’t try to be all things to all people. We have the knowledge and expertise to service the plumbing system in your home or business accurately and precisely.

If you have an ancient faucet or a high tech shower system or a strange looking toilet that has sent your previous plumber heading for the hills, give us a call-we have probably seen it. If not, we have the patience and resources to figure it out. We ONLY use quality parts and materials that we have chosen through years of research and testing, whether it is a faucet repair, a new or remodeled bathroom project, or complete plumbing system.


fix broken plumbing pipes

We offer:

  • Code violation correction
  • Drain cleaning (rodding and hydrojetting)
  • Catch basin cleaning/pumping
  • Water heaters (traditional storage type)
  • Water heaters (tankless/”on demand”)
  • Water heaters (hybrid systems)
  • Water filtration systems
  • Faucet and fixture repair and installation
  • Gas pipe repairs and installation
  • Slab leak repairs
  • Drain and Water Supply Leaks
  • Main supply replacement
  • Overhead sewer systems
  • Flood Controls-Our Systems Are Second To None!
  • Pump installation
  • Many types of upgrades.
  • Rare and high end fixture repair and replacement
  • Pressure correction
  • Complete and partial plumbing system repair and replacement


chicago plumbersShowers-Design-Ideas

If you are buying or selling your home, why not have us do a complete  home plumbing inspection?

We’ll go through everything and give you a written report with pricing on what we find.

Ask us about water heater maintenance. It’s often overlooked, but should                       be done every two years in the Chicago area, and once a year if you are    in a “hard water” area or using a water softener.

Regular maintenance will   greatly increase the life of your water heater and allow it to operate much  more efficiently.


tankless water heater rinnai

We offer Rinnai tankless water heaters,  Eternal Hybrid water heaters, A.O. Smith Vertex water condensing water heaters, and Bradford White storage water heaters.

There are a number of alternatives to large, inefficient units that can save you money, give you more floor space, and cause less damage to the earth. Call us before rushing out to replace your existing unit.


We back our water heaters up with a labor warranty that matches the parts warranty! Warranties vary from 6 to 20 years depending on the model and use!


bathroom remodeling chicago plumbers multi spray showers



We do not typically do new construction plumbing, but may be able assist you or point you in the right direction. We work with plumbers who specialize in new construction and can help put you in contact with one of them.

We can help you with most plumbing small and mid size projects. In addition to the service work mentioned above, we also offer plumbing remodeling (bathrooms, kitchens, complete home, etc), as well as upgrades such as food controls and overhead systems, and ecological upgrades.

We can help you with your plumbing remodeling project, as well as put you              in touch with Chicago’s best carpenters, tile installers, electricians, etc.

We have a lot of experience with those sleek, unusual projects the other                     guys are afraid to touch. Should you choose Goode Plumbing for your                        project, we will do our best to give you something you can be proud to show             off, as well as a system that efficient in operation.




Have a vintage faucet or tub that seems to be at the end of its days, but you just can’t let go? Or perhaps you’re looking to put together a period bathroom for your vintage home.

We often have a selection of vintage fixtures available, and we can locate what we don’t have much of the time. We can also restore what you already own.

As with everything else we do, our restorations are done right. Take our clawfoot bathtub restoration, for example. We don’t just spray on a coat of new porcelain and brush some paint on the outside and call it a day. We remove your tub, and clean it completely. The legs are removed as is the waste and overflow. The exterior is media blasted and then POWDER COATED for an incredibly durable, long lasting finish. We have new porcelain glazing sprayed on the inside. The legs can be powder coated     or nickle plated (nickle is correct, chrome is not-although that is an option too if you want it). The tub is reinstalled, and a new waste and overflow kit is installed.

We can correctly restore your vintage toilet as well, using correct, brass parts.

If you have a rare faucet, chances are we can get the parts or have them made, and in some cases, upgrade it internally while keeping the exterior correct.


How to Find a Good Plumber

how to find a good plumber chicago

Hiring a licensed, insured master plumber (or a well-trained apprentice working under his license) can be an overwhelming task.

The best way to find a good plumber is to ask friends and neighbors, remodeling contractors, and real estate agents.

Make sure the plumber has insurance and find out about warranty of parts as well as their craftsmanship.


At Goode Plumbing LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality service in the industry. All of our work is done to a standard that we are consistently raising.

Our technicians are polite, educated and complete extensive in-house training.

We may not have a catchy slogan or a cute name, but I promise to do my absolute best to ensure that your experience with us is excellent. We don’t just promise you the best-I truly want to deliver that for you.

Our claim of striving to be the best and to give you the best service in the industry is backed by our commitment to on going training, and by giving you the best warranty in the business-if it fails because of the way we installed it, we’ll take care of it for as long as the building we put it in is standing.

We believe in the products that we sell by backing them not only by their own warranty , but ours as well: labor is covered too (not just the parts!) and for a minimum of two years. Finally, because I believe in our plumbing technicians, our work, and our reputation, I put my name up on the sign.

All of our technicians:

  • Adhere to background checks and drug screenings.
  • Will arrive to your home or business in a professional truck, uniform and shoe covers.
  • Will honestly and accurately assess your plumbing issue.
  • We will give you an accurate price quote as opposed to an estimate.
  • Guarantee surface protection will be placed wherever technician is working.
  • Guarantee the problem will be fixed correctly using quality parts and materials.
  • Guarantee a lifetime warranty on all workmanship.
  • Will do a final walk through of work with you upon completion.
  • Will present you with an invoice that matches your original quote upon completion.

Try to find and get to know your plumber BEFORE an emergency. Be prepared for a more urgent situation by establishing a relationship with a plumber before you actually need him. If possible, hire him to do non-emergency repairs or fixture installations during normal hours. It’s easier to get a plumber’s attention if you’re a regular customer and not a panicked stranger calling at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night asking him to fix a gushing waste pipe in your basement.

Goode Plumbing Chicago has  an “A” rating with Angies List!

and we have 4.5  Stars  on  YELP!

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