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Quick and Easy Spring Plumbing Tips


Whether you are a renter  or  home owner – Spring is a good time  to check everything over and make sure it’s  running smoothly.


  • Check your toilet for leaks. A fast and inexpensive way to do this is to put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. If there is a leak, the food color will end up in the bowl within half an hour. While you’re at it, check out the bowl for any cracks or leaks.
  • ALSO  be sure your toilets  are flushing correctly. If you must hold or shake the handle, you need to replace the parts of the toilet which are responsible for flushing. They do not cost much and in fact will save you money on your water bill. LANDLORDS DO NOT WANT TO WASTE  MONEY!  Trust me, they will fix it!
  • Check your water supply valve by turning on and off occasionally. This will prevent them from sticking. If it leaking even the slightest bit – GET IT REPLACED  before a huge problem  explodes!
  • Your sink takes forever to drain.  In the bathroom – Pull out the sink’s pop-up plug. Any accumulation of hair or other debris can prevent water pouring into the sink from draining through. You can take the pop-up out and clear out the drain by manually pulling out the debris using tools like needle-nose pliers, or you can get special plumbing tools that are designed to clear out drains.

    ALSO  – use a plunger in order to dislodge clogs. Plungers can be extremely effective in unstopping stopped-up sinks. Make sure the sink overflow is covered with something like duct tape before you start plunging. Covering the overflow will help ensure that you get the best possible suction as you plunge.

  • Clean your shower head with vinegar to remove mineral deposits that can clog. I know most people don’t know this little trick of the trade. Take a Zip Loc bag and fill it with white vinegar. Place the Zip Loc bag on the shower head in place and wrap the bag with a few heavy rubber bands securing the bag to the shower head. Leave for 24 hrs and the mineral deposits should breakdown leaving your shower clean as a whistle.

By checking the bathroom, kitchen, appliances, equipment and more common areas, both within and outside the home, you can be prepared and help prevent any plumbing problems that occur. Just think of it as an extension of your spring cleaning project!
Check your drains, gutters and downspouts – which should be clear and free of debris to ensure proper operation. Many regions of the country experience a large amount of rainfall this time of year and you want to make sure you’re ready. If you let the debris build up, gutters and drains can clog, causing water damage, leakage and mold growth – not something you want to deal with!


NEED  HELP?    We can offer –

  • Code violation correction
  • Drain cleaning (rodding and hydrojetting)
  • Catch basin cleaning/pumping
  • Water heaters (traditional storage type)
  • Water heaters (tankless/”on demand”)
  • Water heaters (hybrid systems)
  • Water filtration systems
  • Faucet and fixture repair and installation
  • Gas pipe repairs and installation
  • Slab leak repairs
  • Drain and Water Supply Leaks
  • Main supply replacement
  • Overhead sewer systems
  • Flood Controls-Our Systems Are Second To None!
  • Pump installation
  • Many types of upgrades.
  • Rare and high end fixture repair and replacement
  • Pressure correction
  • Complete and partial plumbing system repair and replacement





Green Plumbing Choices Chicago

green-plumber-plumbing choices chicago


Everywhere  we  look,  we see more and more “green” choices in the products and services available. These products and services* have a lower impact on our environment than standard products. Green plumbing puts the focus onto what’s most important … you and conserving our most precious resources.

Eco-friendly plumbing can also save you green – cold, hard cash. If you want or need to repair or replace your plumbing fixtures, are remodeling, or building a new home, call GOODE PLUMBING to discuss your options and choices.

We specialize in eco-friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions.

We will give you water and energy saving options such as high efficiency water heaters.

We specialize in eco-friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions.

We will give you water and energy saving options such as high efficiency water heaters, WaterSense toilets, shower heads, and faucets.

We also install residential fire sprinkler systems, rainwater harvesting systems, and grey water systems.

Virtually every plumbing service today has sustainable cost saving options as new emerging products and technologies continue to be developed. State and Federal Governments along with utility companies continue to offer attractive rebates for installing green plumbing solutions in your home or place of business. These money saving rebates are an excellent incentive to go green.


At Goode Plumbing, LLC, we are continuously working to make our company more ecologically friendly. Goode Plumbing has available, and encourages clients to ask about our high efficiency water heaters, on-demand water heaters, on-demand water faucets and dual flush toilets.

We  use low VOX chemicals, including PVC cement and primer. We recycle all cardboard and plastic packaging and all metals. And, our Sprinter diesel vans and restored Volkswagen Vans (modified with emissions controls!) average 20-25 mpg vs. the typical plumbing truck which averages 8-12 mpg.

We will continue to make changes to our company that aid in the protection and preservation of the environment. We recycle our waste metals, cardboard and plastic packaging.


*Some products labeled “green” are not necessarily so. Check purportedly green products for 3rd party verification of these claims. US EPA WaterSense and EnergyStar labels ensure that fixtures and heaters are “green”.

Hot Plumbing Trends – Dual Flush


Dual flush toilets handle solid and liquid waste differently from standard American style toilets, giving the user a choice of flushes.

It’s an interactive toilet design that helps conserve water that has caught on quickly in countries where water is in short supply, like Australia, and in areas where water supply and treatment facilities are older or overtaxed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that by the year 2013, an estimated 36 states will experience water shortages as a result of increased water usage and inefficient water management from aging regional infrastructures.

American Standard Studio Dual-Flush Toilet

High-performance dual flush toilets are part of the latest wave of innovations in green plumbing. American Standard’s Studio dual-flush model is equipped with two settings: the standard 1.6 gallons per flush or a reduced 1.1 gallons per flush (which equates to about 20 percent less water, enough to meet EPA WaterSense guidelines). PowerWash scouring technology scrubs the bowl with every use. About $540


The Australians are credited with leading the way in the development of dual flush technology. In 1980, Bruce Thompson of Caroma Industries created the first two-button flushing system, a convenient method of manually selecting the water volume of each flush — a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste — with the push of a button [source: Biotechnology Innovations]. Necessity was the driving force for the change. Traditional toilets used lots of water, a commodity that was in short supply on a continent that has erratic rainfall and experiences frequent and prolonged droughts.