Plumbing Remodeling and Vintage Fixtures

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We do not typically do new construction plumbing, but may be able assist you or point you in the right direction. We work with plumbers who specialize in new construction and can help put you in contact with one of them.

We can help you with most plumbing small and mid size projects. In addition to the service work mentioned above, we also offer plumbing remodeling (bathrooms, kitchens, complete home, etc), as well as upgrades such as food controls and overhead systems, and ecological upgrades.

We can help you with your plumbing remodeling project, as well as put you in touch with Chicago’s best carpenters, tile installers, electricians, etc. We have a lot of experience with those sleek, unusual projects the other guys are afraid to touch. Should you choose Goode Plumbing for your project, we will do our best to give you something you can be proud to show off, as well as a system that efficient in operation.


Renovating--vintage-bathroom-fixtures-chicagoVINTAGE FIXTURE RESTORATION

Have a vintage faucet or tub that seems to be at the end of its days, but you just can’t let go? Or perhaps you’re looking to put together a period bathroom for your vintage home.

We often have a selection of vintage fixtures available, and we can locate what we don’t have much of the time. We can also restore what you already own.

As with everything else we do, our restorations are done right.

Take our clawfoot bathtub restoration, for example. We don’t just spray on a coat of  new porcelain and brush some paint on the outside and call it a day. We remove your tub, and clean it completely. The legs are removed as is the waste and overflow. The exterior is media blasted and then POWDER COATED for an incredibly durable, long lasting finish. We have     new porcelain glazing sprayed on the inside. The legs can be powder coated or nickel plated (nickel is correct, chrome is not-although that is an option too if you want it). The tub is reinstalled, and a new waste and overflow kit is installed.

We can correctly restore your vintage toilet as well, using correct, brass parts.

If you have a rare faucet, chances are we can get the parts or have them made, and in some cases, upgrade it internally while keeping the exterior correct.

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